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Armstrong Flooring in Cypress and The Woodlands, TX 

Do you need new flooring in your home or office? The Armstrong brand is one of the best flooring options on the market. Flaherty’s Flooring America is a flooring store that provides name-brand options for customers looking for beautiful, innovative, and durable flooring. No matter what style of home you have, our flooring experts can help you to update and update the look of any room or your entire home. High-quality Armstrong flooring is an excellent option for customers who are shopping for any kind of flooring, from vinyl tiles to laminate floors.

Choose Armstrong Laminate Flooring for Style & Durability

Customers looking for a durable and elegant flooring style should look no further than Armstrong laminate flooring. Our team of flooring experts can guide you in creating the room of your dreams with a look that matches your design preferences. We help you make your selection based on the following factors:

  • Room Type: Bathroom, Kitchen, Bedroom Living Area, Basement, Dining Room
  • Preferred Look: Stone, Traditional Wood, Specialty Wood, Subtle Patterns, Geometric Pattern
  • Household Dynamic: Family, Pet Friendly, Kid Friendly, Newlyweds, Entertainment Frequency
  • Budget: Quality, Beauty and Affordability, Performance and Lifespan

Based on these categories, we will make flooring recommendations that fit your needs and expectations. When you visit our store you do not need to know exactly what flooring you’d like for your home, but you should have an idea of which area you’d like to update.

Armstrong Flooring: Vinyl Tiles in The Woodlands, Texas

One of our flooring store’s most popular choices is Armstrong vinyl tiles. This style is designed for maximum durability and comprised of the following four layers:

  • Urethane Wear Layer: Resists Scuffs, Scratching, and Damage
  • Protective Clear Film Layer: Protects from Gouges, Tears, and Rips
  • Printed Design Layer: Has the Chosen Design on the Tiles
  • Vinyl Backing Layer: The Bottom Layers Add Durability and Strength

Our team of flooring professionals regularly recommends this top-notch flooring option for customers looking for the proper design in high-traffic areas. Armstrong flooring vinyl tiles are a great choice for families with young children and pets.

New Vinyl Tiles from Armstrong Flooring Mimic Stone & Wood

This standard-setting flooring brand offers options that mimic the look of naturally occurring products. If you want the biggest bang for your buck, and seek a highly appealing yet durable floor, consider vinyl tiles, with patterns that look exactly like the real materials. With updates in technology and manufacturing, Armstrong vinyl tiles in our store look so much like real wood or natural stone that it’s hard to tell the difference!

Remarkable Selection of Armstrong Laminate Flooring in Cypress and The Woodlands, TX 

Today’s laminate flooring isn’t anything like the old style from earlier decades. With new updates and breakthroughs in flooring technology, laminate flooring now beautifully resembles the most high-end flooring materials. Some of our store’s most popular styles of this first-rate laminate brand look amazingly like reclaimed hardwood, exotic stones, and metals. Armstrong Laminate flooring is made up of four layers of construction including:

  • Wear Layer: Top layer that protects from fading and stains
  • Design Layer: This is where the image of stone, brick, wood, or ceramic is added
  • Inner Core: Made of plastic resin and keeps the flooring flat and stable
  • Backing: This layer protects the floor from warping and creates a moisture barrier

Affordable & Excellent Brand-Name Flooring

Our flooring store carries Armstrong flooring because it is a name-brand option with a strong reputation for quality and style. The company has been manufacturing flooring for more than 100 years. We vouch for our many repeat customers who continue to purchase Armstrong products, which are always as well-made as they are beautiful. We never carry or recommend brands of flooring that we don’t believe in. Trust our team of experienced flooring professionals to share their knowledge about the highly regarded Armstrong flooring offered in our extensive showroom.

Contact us today to learn more about the Armstrong Flooring available at our flooring showroom. We are located in The Woodlands and Cypress, Texas.  

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